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Stevens Point Potholes Lawyer

There are several things that contribute to the safety of a vehicle, such as the skill of the driver and the quality of the vehicle itself. However, another important factor for safe travel is the condition of the roads. If roads are in disrepair, potholes and other defects can damage your car as well as lead to painful injuries.

For most people, potholes are only a minor annoyance. However, these road defects can cause car problems and injuries like whiplash. If you or your vehicle has suffered from damage due to potholes, you can fight back against the unsafe road conditions. To learn more about your legal options, contact a Stevens Point potholes attorney from Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, today at 800-242-2874.

How Potholes Form

Potholes form when water seeps into cracks in the asphalt. During warmer weather, the water simply erodes the soil beneath the road surface. However, during colder seasons, the water can then freeze inside the pavement cracks. Because water expands as it freezes, it causes the pavement to crack further and bulge. When the ice finally melts, the pavement settles back down, forming a depression. Over time, this depression can get worse and worse, finally turning into a pothole.

Dangers of Potholes

As a driver or passenger, the bouncing of a vehicle over a pothole can cause neck pain and whiplash. However, you are not the only one who suffers. Your vehicle can also suffer from issues such as:

  • Tire problems
  • Loss of alignment
  • Suspension damage
  • Damage to the undercarriage

Over time, these can lead to further dangers. For instance, a weakened tire is more susceptible to a blowout and rollover accident.

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Road construction crews are responsible for creating strong, stable roads, and municipalities are responsible for requesting repairs to keep the road drivable and pothole-free. If you have been injured in a pothole accident, contact an experienced Stevens Point pothole lawyer from Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, at 800-242-2874 today.

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