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Driving Near Large Trucks

Accidents involving large trucks and 18 wheelers can be catastrophic for all parties involved, but especially for smaller passenger cars. Because of the extreme difference in size and weight between the vehicles, occupants of smaller cars can suffer serious injuries or even fatality in the event of an accident. Trucking accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, and it is important to stay aware of what you can do to keep yourself safe on the road.

Truckers drive extremely long distances each day. Some drivers rely heavily on the use of stimulants to keep themselves awake, while other drivers may make unsafe driving decisions after consuming alcohol. Even responsible truck drivers may still encounter problems because of an improperly loaded, unstable, or malfunctioning vehicle. However, many accidents occur because of unsafe driving habits.

When driving near 18 wheelers, remember that large trucks have extended blind spots because of the length of the truck. In addition, remember that a truck driver cannot see you when you are directly behind the vehicle. To be sure that you are not driving in a truck’s blind spot, always make sure you can see a truck’s mirrors.

Because of their size and weight, large trucks also have difficulty braking quickly. If you cut in front of a large truck and then hit your brakes, the truck cannot slow down to avoid a collision with your vehicle. Always give a truck plenty of space before switching lanes in front to be sure that you never put yourself or the truck driver in a dangerous situation.

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