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Driving in Strong Winds

Not all drivers are aware of the proper precautions to take when driving in adverse weather conditions. Even those who learn about safe driving in rain, ice, or snow may fail to learn about the dangers of driving in windy situations. If you encounter high winds out on the road, remember proper safety precautions to help keep everyone safe.

Watch for debris.

High winds increase the likelihood that debris will litter the road and cause hazards for your vehicle or others. Keep an eye out for foreign objects in the road, and drive at a speed that will allow you adequate time to come to a complete stop or safely avoid debris in the roadway.

Keep your car in your control.

High winds can make it difficult to stay in your own lane, pushing your car into adjacent or the opposite lanes. Maintain control of your vehicle by slowing down, minimizing your distractions, and keeping both hands on the wheel.

Beware of large trucks and bigger vehicles.

Although high winds can decrease the stability of a small passenger car, the effects are much harsher on large vehicles. The more area exposed to wind, the more adverse effects the driver will experience. Thus, 18-wheelers and large trucks or campers will have a more difficult time driving in high winds than will drivers of smaller vehicles. Give large vehicles plenty of room and watch for reckless drivers.

Beware of other weather conditions.

Often, high winds are accompanied by heavy rains and storms. Be prepared to meet more serious weather conditions down the road and watch out for wet or slippery areas that can cause skids or hydroplaning.

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In dangerous weather, all drivers should exercise increased caution to assure their own safety and the safety of others on the road. Unfortunately, not all drivers take responsibility for their actions and can cause accidents in bad weather.

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