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Black Ice

Each year, thousands of accidents occur when drivers lose traction on ice. Many of these accidents occur in areas where drivers are not used to driving in dangerous winter weather. Most drivers in Wisconsin know the dangers of driving in icy conditions. Our long winters give drivers ample opportunities to drive through icy and snowy weather.

However, some drivers may not be aware that the same dangers of winter driving can exist in less wintery conditions. No matter how clear the road seems, often with the help of melting agents, ice can build up over time and cause dangerous driving conditions. Black ice is a particular type of ice that can build up on the roads that is not easily visible to drivers.

Black ice is not black, but rather, it is transparent. Dark surfaces such as asphalt and wet concrete can form thin layers of this ice, which look black and therefore are not highly visible to motorists. In addition, these thin layers of ice are much slicker than other ice, another reason that it is highly dangerous.

Rain during freezing conditions can cause this type of ice to build up slowly over time. If drivers are not aware of the dangers of black ice, especially on bridges and overpasses, they may not exercise proper caution when driving and may hit a patch of black ice and lose control of their vehicles, causing a devastating accident.

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